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Last updated September 2021: We have had a year without eco-council but new elections are happening this term. We hope to be able to go out and about in and around school to ensure our community is safe, clean and a great place to be!

Our 2020 Eco-Council

November litter pick-target 1.

Last year, Mrs.Dilworth and children across school made up our Eco-Council. They achieved a Bronze award for our school.

This year as part of our curriculum drivers, Children in Class 4 will make up our Eco-Council, along with Mrs.Watson. Our driver focus, particularly for Eco-council, is 'Environmental Responsibility'.

To achieve a silver award, so far this year we have two targets.

Target 1: Litter

At the moment, we are collecting data on how much rubbish each class has at the end of each day and thinking about what we can do to reduce the amount we throw away and increase our recycling. 


Target 2: Bio-Diversity

This year, we would like to plant more bulbs in the wildlife garden and cut back any overgrown bushes and trees. We would like to clear nettles and ensure we have a bug hotel that can be used by all the wildlife around us. We will be carrying out a litter pick in our local area to ensure it is clean and safe for us all to use.

To encourage birds, we will make and put out bird feeders. 


Autumn 1 update:

We have been keeping track of rubbish. Current issues show we need to install a recycling bin in Class 1 and composting bins for Class 1 and 2.

As well as this, we are going to try to recycle plastics for Class 3 and 4.

We will be raising money for a bin for our playground.

Gardening club have been replanting and tidying up the Prayer Garden - we need to plan and sort the Wildlife Garden.



Minutes from our meetings