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Our school has been part of the schools linking programme run by The Linking Network. The network is backed by the Pears Foundation, the Ministry Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Department for Education. Each local programme offers local support to pairs of linked classes from different schools in an area so that pupils are able to meet others they would otherwise not meet. 


‘There is strong evidence that high levels of meaningful contact between people from different backgrounds can reduce prejudice; increase trust and understanding between groups and lead to a greater sense of togetherness.  The Linking Network’s schools linking programme provides a structured programme of training, resources and support to enable schools to build high quality links. It enables children to develop skills of enquiry, critical thinking, reflection and communication, as well as providing the opportunity for children and young people to meet, build new relationships, work together and contribute to the wider community.’ Pears Foundation


Previously on the project, classes visited Burnley Youth Theatre to meet their link class from Rawdhatul Uloom Primary School in Burnley. The day began with some games to ‘break the ice’. The classes were then split into two groups and the children worked within those groups for the rest of the day on drama activities designed to encourage the children to get to know each other, particularly the many similarities they have, as well as the differences that make them so unique and special. It was lovely to see the children choosing to sit with their new friends during lunchtime. In the afternoon, the groups continued their drama work before coming back together for a superb performance showcasing their hopes and dreams for the future as well as the new friendships they had made; it really was beautiful! Link schools have maintained contact via Zoom calls and sharing work both online and via post.

Class 2 meet their link class

Classes 3 and 4 have written and sent letters ahead of meeting their link classes