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Class 4: Year Five and Six

Welcome to Class Four 2020-2021

Class Four Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Welcome to the Class Four web page.

Currently, we have sixteen year five pupils and eleven year six pupils. Our teacher is Mrs. Watson who is assisted by Mrs.McCluskey. 

Returning to school has worked well so far and we have had great fun learning and playing within our bubble, as well as washing and sanitising hands and surfaces regularly! Who knew 2020 would be such a different year?!

On this page you will be able to find links to things we are learning about as well as a PowerPoint about life in our class. Should you require any other information you can e-mail Mrs Watson and she will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. Her address is:


Online curriculum information Powerpoint

Christmas song 1 - Dan & Rosalind

Christmas Song 2 - Thomas, Alfie & Rebecca

Christmas is near - Jack & Megan

Christmas Song 3 - Meadow, Leah & Elana

A Beautiful Christmas - Lydia, Mya, Gabi & Heidi

A Christmas Interlude - Evan & Dan

Christmas Song 4 - Harley, Ben, Tom & Martin

A Snowflake Interlude - Matilda & Olivia

Christmas Song 5 - Lexie & Bea

Christmas Song 6 - Samuel & Beau

Lockdown Songs

Children in class have worked outdoors in the forest to compose songs about 'Lockdown Life'. This was 4B1G's song

Lockdown Song 2

This was 'Little Mixture's song.

Lockdown Song 3

This was 'Rainbow is the New Black's' song.

Lockdown Song 4

This was the 'Crazy Corona's' song.

Lockdown Song 5

The 'Medium Jill's' song.

Application form and task for Senior Leadership Team