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Being a great 'Digital Citizen'.

We work hard to promote positive digital citizenship in our school. Children are taught from Reception on how to stay safe whilst using technology they have access to, both at school and at home, as well as how to use a variety of computing products. 

From learning in the classroom to playing games at home, children are doing more on the internet than ever before - and it's a wonderful place. However, just as in 'real life' it's important to make sure your child is staying safe online. 

We know how difficult and demanding it can be to find the time when you're a busy parent and also just how daunting it can be to try and work out if the information you've found online is up to date. Below you can find links to sites which will help you in ensuring your child is a superb digital citizen.

Children have a clear set of rules to follow both in and out of school and we hope parents will have the same key values. 

From KS2, children are taught about their digital footprint and learn that once things are published and live on the internet they are there forever. We also discuss the appropriateness of online games, as well as posting of pictures and comments made on social media.


Remember help is always available at school if you are having any problems online.


If you or anyone you know is worried about Child Exploitation, Online Protection or anything related to Internet safety please click the link below which will take you to the CEOP reporting website:

Online safety posters by Class 4 children

Tips for staying safe online:


  • Make sure you keep new online friends strictly online. If someone you don't know asks to be your online friend you must ensure an adult knows about it.


  • Know how to use the CEOP Button and how to report it to the CEOP Centre if you are concerned about someone’s online behaviour towards you.

Our Online Safety Policy