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Class One

Update from Mrs Dilworth 17.4.2020

Update from Mrs Dilworth 26.3.2020

Mrs Dilworth reads 'Oi Frog!'

Good afternoon children. I hope you enjoy listening to 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray.

Mrs Dilworth reads 'If Only...'

Hello children. I hope you enjoy this week's story: 'If Only...'

Mrs Dilworth reads 'The Emperor's Egg'

Hello again Class 1. I hope you are all well and that you enjoy listening to a story which you will be very familiar with. This week I am reading 'The Emperor's Egg'. You know this story well as we have read it together in class.

Mrs Dilworth reads 'Whatever Next!'... we apologise for the interruption!

Hello again Class 1. Here is this week's story, 'Whatever Next!'.

Mrs Dilworth reads Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell.

Hello Class 1! Here is this week's story - Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell. I hope you enjoy it.

Dear Parents, 


As you know, school will be closed for most children from Friday 20th March. Below is a list of suggestions for activities you can enjoy with your child. There are a range of activities to choose from as well as lots of practical things to do at home. If you need any advice on any of the activities or have a query, please use the contact form situated at the bottom of this page.





Sharing books

· Talking about where the story is set, the characters, what might happen next, links to other stories that they have read.

· Look for one of the following tricky words - the to I was go he she me they are all

· Spot graphemes in story books and match to grapheme cards

· Enjoy reading books and practise trying to read flashcards.


· Practise letter formation using different pens or pencils. Try writing the letters large and small. Writing letters in flour sprinkled on a table

· Write graphemes as seen on grapheme cards. Ask a grownup to call out a grapheme - How quick can you write the grapheme?

· Practise writing your name making sure that all letters are formed correctly. First name and surname.


· Practise actions and sounds to go with grapheme cards sent home

· Perhaps watch Cbeebies Alphablocks

· Any opportunities for own writing - writing lists, stories, instructions, labels

· Twinkl activity booklet - included in your pack

· Write out flash words on pieces of paper and play matching pairs.

· Write lists of rhyming words on the sheet provided. is a really useful website for games and activities. It can be accessed for free using the link below. Phase 3 activities and games will be particularly useful.




· Take in turns counting forwards and backwards to 20.

· E.g. I say 123 child says 456 I say 789 child says 10 11 12 etc. or I say 20 19 child says 18 17 I say 16 15 etc

· I say you say with rule 1 more or 1 less. E.g. I say 7 you say? "8" I say 15 you say? "16"

· Twinkl home challenges included in pack

· Discovery Education website - Foundation section

· Perhaps watch some Cbeebies Numberblocks episodes

· Set up a play shop and role play shops

· Sorting coins from a purse and take rubbings of the coins

· Find things longer or shorter than your shoe

· Matching socks and count

· Maths homework CPG books - pages 7,8,16,17


Other activities could include:

· Play dice games and other board games

· Cooking activities. Reading recipes together. Counting. Recap on sequence. What did we do first? Then what did we do?

· Buttering bread,

· Laying the table.

· Bird watch - perhaps identify birds that visit your garden and make a record of the birds that you see.

· Weather Watch - make a daily record of the weather for a week.

· Keep practising dressing and undressing independently, socks ,shoes, buttons.



Activities linked to our current topic:

· Find out about life cycle of a frog or butterfly and create a picture /poster of the life cycle or learn the names of different baby animals for example Horse - Foal

· Nature detectives - Woodland trust website has some lovely ideas too - Click on the link  to see the activities


Keep any work in your folder for us to look at and share when we return to school.


Mrs Dilworth

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You can use this e-mail to contact Mr.Kearon or a teacher at school. All teachers will have access to this email and we will aim to respond within 24 hours. If your message is specific to a member of staff, please start the email with their name.