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Class 2 French

Welcome to Class 2's French page

Here you will find some of the fun things we do in our French lessons for you to look at and practice at home.

We also do puzzles, games, artwork and go fact finding about France and other French speaking countries. On this page we can  share some of the things we have been learning about.

                                                                                                   This is our 'greetings' song

We have learned to count in French. One of our favourite counting song is the one the children call the worm song. I wonder why?

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We often play games from this site French Games.Net to help with our topic vocabulary. The games are fun and interactive and we like challenging our friends in teams using the timer. You can play these games on your own at home (or challenge Mum or Dad!). There are easy, intermediate and hard levels, but we usually stick to the easy level in KS1. Give it a go and let me know how you get on - Mrs Wroblewski





For those in Class 2 who asked for this video here it is - vieux MacDonald a une ferme



November 2015

We have been learning French words for the days of the week, seasons and weather. We use our French calendar at the start of our lesson to help us. This is the weather song we have been learning. It is very fast and quite tricky to fit all our new words in so we have made up some actions to the song to help us. When we are ready we will post a video of us performing the song! keep practicing.