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  1. Religious Education
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Come and See


Come and See is an invitation to exploration and a promise of life for everyone. The invitation is open to all. 

In response to the question, 'Where do you live?' which was asked by the disciples, Jesus invited them to 'Come and See' (John 1:39) The disciples went with Jesus 'and spent the rest of that day with him'.

Come and See is a scheme which offers the opportunity to search, to explore, to discover and to respond; this is part of what it is to be human.

It follows on from successful trialling in schools in England and Wales and is based on the theological foundations of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Catechism and the revised RE Curriculum Directory and includes the Catholic attainment levels.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church addresses the search for meaning in life. God’s initiative in Revelation who comes to meet us and our response of faith. (cf. CCC26) This pattern guides the structure of the programme and informs the process of each topic, opened up through; Explore, Reveal and Respond.


For an example of the Come and See programme, please click on the picture below to view the Early Years scheme.