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  1. Religious Education
  2. Catholic life in school

Catholic life in school

Autumn Term 2018

Week beginning 10/9 — school council elections took place

18/9 Class 2 stay and pray @ 3pm; Staff and Governor reflection @ 7pm

20/9 Harvest windows decorated in church for Harvest Mass celebrations

28/9 Macmillan Coffee Morning held in school, children were joined by families and friends

5/10 RE coordinator and headteacher met with Douglas Outreach volunteer; CAFOD assembly

11/10 Class One assembly with the theme “God loves me”

7/11 Class 4 Stay and Pray @ 9am

20/11 Class 1 Stay and Pray @ 9am

Daily whole school Advent Reflection throughout December. 

3/12 Class 2-4 visited Parbold Douglas to practise singing for Carols around the Tree

5/12 Carols Around the Tree in Parbold Village

6/12 Class 3 Stay and Pray @ 9am

12/12 Reception and KS1 children attended a reflection service around the Christmas tree in Parbold village

17/12 Parbold Douglas children invited to watch Dress Rehearsal of KS1 Nativity performance

18 & 19/12 KS1 Nativity performances to friends and families

20/12 KS2 led Advent Reflection in Church


Summer Term 2018

Week beginning 23rd April—Live Simply grounds-work week across school

24/4/18 Class 4 Stay and Pray

1/5/18 Mass to celebrate the teaching career of Mrs Hunt

18/5/18 Royal Wedding picnic where children were joined by families and friends to share lunch outside

22/5/18 Reflection evening for parents of children starting in September 2018

12/6/18 Good Shepherd Mass at St Mary’s, Leyland for KS2 children

14/6/18 Class 3 Stay and Pray

16/6/18 First Holy Communion Mass followed by celebration in school

19/6/18 Class 1 Stay and Pray

20/6/18 Y2 attended daily Mass

28/6/18 Class 3 Assembly

29/6/18 St Peter and St Paul Day celebration activities

4/7/18 Class 2 Stay and Pray

4/7/18 Prize Giving Evening in church

10/7/18 Live Simply assessment team visited school

12-16/7/18 Whole school gallery to celebrate children’s work and commemorate the WW1 centenary

14/7/18 Children’s work entered into Parbold Village Fair

18/7/18 Y6 Leaver’s Mass at 2pm in school

23/7/18 Celebration Mass for the teaching career of Mrs Griffin

24/7/18 Y6 Leaver’s Assembly in school


Spring 2018

24/1/18 Reception children presented their learning to Class 2

27/1/18 Ks2 children performed at Peace Proms 2018

6/2/18 Class 4 Stay and Pray

9/2/18 School Council meeting at children’s request to discuss ways to raise money for Rainbow House

Wb 19/2/18 Whole school “War Horse” week to commemorate the WWII centenary

27/2/18 Eco Council held an assembly to encourage others to Live Simply

8/3/18 War Horse Concert at Parbold Village Hall

15/3/18 Class 4 Assembly on “Unity”

16/3/18 Class 3 Stay and Pray

16/3/18 Children dressed in rainbow colours to raise money for Rainbow House

21/3/18 Class 1 Stay and Pray

24/3/18 Children sang at Parbold Sings event themed “Peace”

26/3/18 ~Lenten Assembly held in school in which all children took part and families attended

27/3/18 Good Shepherd Talent Show

28/3/18 Class 2 Stay and Pray

29/3/18 Assembly to celebrate the teaching career of Mrs Hunt  and all she contributed to the lives of  the children in school

Good Shepherd Market was held each Wednesday in Lent  with proceeds going to Nugent Care


Autumn Term 2017

Staff and Governors attended their annual reflection and meal on the evening of 26th September.

Macmillan coffee morning to support the charity. Well attended and a great atmosphere. Parents and Grandparents helped to run the morning. All children were involved in some way.

CAFOD delivered a Live Simply assembly and workshop in every class on 28th September.

Brighten up for Cafod day 13-10-17. children chose to wear bright colours, eat bright cakes etc. Raised over £200.

Each class decorated a window in Church for the Harvest Mass celebration. Children also helped to distribute the harvest gifts to people in our parish.

6/11/17 Staff attended Mass together as part of the INSET day for RE

16/11/17 Class 4 retreat to Animate with the theme “Let your light shine”

3/12/17 School and parish hosted an Advent Fair

6/12/17 Carols around the tree with members of the community and parish

8/12/17 Children sang at the PWI for Alzheimers Christmas Party

14/12/17 KS1 attended a nativity around the tree

15/12/17 Advent Reflection presented to children and staff of Parbold Douglas school

19/12/17 Class 4 sang at the Sisters of Notre Dame Convent

21/12/17 Advent Reflection involving all children

22/12/17 A whole school collective worship to celebrate the end of term and prepare for Christmas with carols and readings led by children in Class 4.

A daily collective worship was held during Advent to reflect on how to live simply during this time of preparation.