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  1. Religious Education
  2. RSE in our school

Relationships and sex education (R.S.E) in our school  Lots of updates to follow from Sept'17


The Governors at Our Lady and All Saints Catholic Primary School have adopted the 'All That I Am' programme to support the non-statutory relationships and sex education in Years Five and Six.

 As part of our commitment to you we will hold a meeting annually  for the parents and carers of children in Years Five and Six to discuss the programme. You have the right to withdraw your child from this aspect of the curriculum however, this is not to be confused with curriculum Science which is statutory. If you require any other clarification of this aspect of the curriculum please contact Mrs. Griffin.

The programme of study is authentic to the teaching of The Catholic Church. below, is a brief outline of the content of the programme:

Year 5 Pupils will learn:


  • That they are unique and made in the image of God
  • That physical and emotional growth is common to all of us and a normal part of becoming an adult
  • to accept and respect themselves


  • That the difference between boys and girls is part of God's creative and loving work
  • Vocabulary to describe menstruation
  • To celebrate the differences between boys and girls


  • What the Church teaches in relation to personal responsibility and the dignity of the person
  • to take responsibility for their personal hygiene
  • how to manage socially awkward situations


  • How the Church recognises the importance of our emotions and how they can shape our actions
  • to identify a wide range of feelings in themselves and others
  • to take responsibility and manage their feelings appropriately
  • an awareness of the responsibility we have towards each other


  • that our spiritual relationship with God links together and transforms all aspects of our person
  • the basics of authentic friendship with others and God
  • when they do and do not feel comfortable with themselves
  • to identify when confidentiality is and is not appropriate


Year 6 Pupils will learn:

Your changing bodies - boys

  • to have a knowledge and understanding of male physical development

Personal behaviour

  • to have self confidence and skills
  • to translate these into personal behaviour in a range of situations such as making new friends


Local Catholic Schools' Cluster Protocol 2012